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Where : Bangkok ,silom

Category : Printers

Tumbol Mueang Tai Amphoe Mueang Si Sa Ket Si Saket 33000

Phone : 045613499,0812651284-5,0817608058
Fax : 045613499
e-mail : pt_ro1@hotmail.co.th , pt_sor@hotmail.com
URL : http://www.phanthong.com
Working hour : Monday-Friday time 08:00-17:00,Saturday time 08:00-17:00
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Category Printers

Season Group Co Ltd

Silkscreen and off-set printing system: Artwork,Sticker printing in plate and roll,Head envelope,case,Continuous form Resin sticker,Brochure, good'label,Plastic card,member card,Name card swelling,Every kind of printed matters....

Immense Grace Co Ltd

Creative Design, Quality printing:Brochore, Cataloque,CD,Profile,Annual Report, poster, Calendar, Logo Design, Studio Photography, Signage, Sticker, ink-Jet,Output,Packaging Design,Web Design, CD Cataloque, Multimedia Presentation, Event Organizer....

Chan Wanich Security Printing Co Ltd

Security Sticker,Security Label,Security Box,Security Packaging,E-Passport,ID Card, Gift Voucher,Coupon,Air Ticket,Telephon Card,Internet Card,Smart Card,Credit Card,Check,Passbook ATM...